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Our careers played such an important role in our lives and utilizes so much of our time. In those vocational efforts, people have created a financial strategy of savings and investments to prepare them for a shift to a lifestyle, emphasizing personal flexibility and even retirement. Typical retirement planning focuses so much on the finances, and it should, but neglect the necessary planning to prepare people for how to spend their time when they shift from professional to personal.

That’s why we created the lifestyle or retirement to time management program. Participants begin by taking our exclusive retirement time assessment or RTA, the RTA unpacks attitudes towards lifespan, current career mindset, general time management, retirement mindset, financial status, and anticipated lifestyle and planned activities. 

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Career Mindset

Setting goals, creating strategy, calendar scheduling, meeting preparation and execution, completing assignments.


For many of us, our career defines a significant part of how we view ourselves. Work can define purpose and meaning. A career grants conviction, determination, perseverance, and reasons to live. Transitioning to a repurposed or retirement life is a challenge for many.

Time Management

Successfully using your calendar, reducing clutter, space and place analysis, and finishing what is started


Departing a career, by its very nature, affords people more time to pursue a variety of other activities. Our pre-retirement lives are populated by what causes us to manage our time directly. Transitioning to retirement creates new time management challenges, in some cases trying to determine how to fill the available hours.

Retirement Mindset

Helping understand and prepare for the optimal work/life balance in retirement


It is very useful to understand how you feel about retirement. Whether already retired or seeing retirement on the horizon, your attitude shapes the types of experiences and events that will take place. Karios brings clarity to your purpose and fulfillment, making retirement more gratifying.

Financial Status

Aligning financial planning with actual feelings of security


Kairos Management Solutions is not a wealth management company. Working with individuals and financial institutions, we want to assist you in taking the plan that has been developed and executed to confirm the numbers affirm and align with the feelings and confidence of the individual heading towards retirement.

Anticipated Lifestyle

Knowing goals, developing the average day, and getting emotionally ready for retirement


The routines established for retirement sets the framework for day-to-day activities. We help you think about overall daily life and how it will change and what you should do to compensate. Ensuring you have a purpose planned is an underpinning for the lifestyle you may lead is our mission.

Planned Activities

Ensuring life is enhanced by populating days with satisfying pursuits and interests.


Retirement opens possibilities to try new experiences or return to abandoned hobbies or interests. KMS highlights broad pursuits people follow and helps you understand how diverse and active your retirement can be to you. Your time needs to be filled with productive and purposeful undertakings.

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