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We are all impacted by time, our use of time, the application of time, and the purpose of time. Therefore, we are all time managers. At Kairos Management Solutions our mission is to show individuals, teams, and even entire corporations how to time optimize their time management.

It starts with our exclusive Time Management Analysis or TMA. This assessment highlights your strengths and opportunities in the areas of planning, task, execution, focus, organization, and personal care.



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Setting goals, creating strategy, calendar scheduling, meeting preparation and execution,
completing assignments.


Planning is an important aspect of your time management. Failing to program impedes your ability to focus, organize, and establish the right tasks. We aid through identifying your personal goals, understanding the skill of looking ahead, making the most of meetings, and having the diligence to complete assignments.



Successfully using your calendar, reducing clutter, space and place analysis, and finishing what is started creates a lack of order that defeats your ability to manage your time.


The absence of organization challenges the capacity to focus on any plans or tasks you have established. Upgrade your systems through calendar control, reduced clutter, space and place analysis, and finishing strong.

Task Management

Choosing the right tools, prioritizing daily efforts, and managing multiple tasks.


Tasks are an expression or representation of your time management and are a natural outcome of good planning. KMS advances your approach to task management by having the right system, knowing how to prioritize your daily efforts, and managing multiple tasks accurately.

Task Management-min
Staying Focused

Staying Focused

Increasing motivation, eliminating procrastination, reducing distractions, managing interruptions, and knowing when to say no.


Concentration is needed to propel effective time management. It is imperative attention is paid to focused time management. Our programs look at identifying and overcoming procrastination, distractions, interruptions, knowing how to say “no”, when to stop talking, and maintaining the right motivation.

Personal Care

Setting an exercise plan, formulating a sleeping regimen, and taking regular breaks at work.


Probably the lowest direct link to time management, personal care has a significant impact on your ability to plan, focus and organize.


We help investigate your current approach and give suggestions on next steps to individual mental and physical maintenance, allowing more occasions for increased time advancement.

Personal care

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